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Handweavers of the Valley
A Guild for Fiber Artists: Weavers, Spinners, Felters, and more

Handweavers of the Valley
Show and Sale

4th Saturday of October


Plan your inventory early in the year… design, dye, spin, felt, weave, and sew. Selling your creations is both exciting and rewarding. Handweavers of the Valley Guild profits, and the funds earned help purchase library books and DVDs, and contribute to workshops and programs, etc.

The annual Handweavers of the Valley Show and Sale has three purposes.

  • It is one of the best advertisements of our group and goals and encourages new memberships.
  • It provides an opportunity to all of our members to display and/or sell their innovative designs.
  • It brings income to support the Guild meetings, programs, and projects. It is a fun and profitable necessity for the Guild.

Who May Participate: Members of HWOTV whose dues are paid in full by April 30th.

General Policy:

  • All items brought in for sale must be unused hand-woven, hand-knit, handspun yarn, or fleece.
  • Handwoven items must be at least 50% handwoven.
  • Hand knit items must be made using the Member’s handspun yarn.
  • Hand felting from fleece or handspun yarn is acceptable.
  • Mill-spun yarn from members’ flocks or farm is allowed.

Please ask Co-Chairpersons about items not specifically listed above. Submit project for approval by the September meeting.

Exceptions to these rules are allowed in Weavers’ Attic (see below).

Inspirational Gallery: Items for this gallery must provide a demonstration of the artistic process from inspiration to creation. These items are not for sale.

Items that sell well:

  • trendy items inspired by fashion and décor magazines
  • fine garments and scarves
  • tote bags and purses
  • dish towels and table runners
  • placemats and mug rugs
  • quality rugs
  • Christmas items
  • toys and baby blankets


  • Please remember the necessity of a well finished piece
  • Be proud of your work! A fine handwoven piece deserves the best possible finishing smooth seams, hems, neat trims, careful pressing, etc.
  • All inventory items submitted for sale must have the following tags/labels attached:


Seller’s personal label/business card

Care tag (hand-wash, dry clean, etc.)
Price (preferably removable for easy gifting)
Fiber content

HWOTV “Hang Tag” – Current format (available on Guild web site) – completely filled out, as instructed.

Remember: The hang tag will be removed at time of sale for record keeping.

Note:  Hang tags:

  1. If items arrive at Show & Sale with the incorrect hang tag, they will not be allowed on the sales floor until the correct tags are in place.
  2. Tags need to be filled out clearly and Do not write over codes or amounts. Poorly written tags will need to be rewritten before items will be allowed on the sales floor.

Inventory Sheets:

To simplify bookkeeping for the S & S staff, the following are necessary:

  1. Total $ amount at the bottom of each page
  2. Recording of multiple items (see example on inventory sheet – Guild web site)
  3. Waiver page: attach to top of inventory sheets (on Guild web site)
  4. Keep a copy of your inventory sheets to reconcile inventory after the sale

In-Eligible Items:

  1. Items with incorrect/outdated hang tags
  2. Copies of items published in Handwoven should not be sold at Show & Sale per Handwoven Magazine: “All contents of this issue of Handwoven are copyrighted by F+ W Media, Inc. 2016 (or which ever year applies). All rights reserved. Projects and information are for inspiration and personal use only. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited, except by permission of the publisher.”

Days of Show & Sale – Friday set up and Saturday Show:

Volunteers are necessary to insure advanced preparations, set-up, and smooth running of the show itself, plus tear down, and clean up.

Anyone selling is required to participate for the entire day of the sale on Saturday. The HWOTV Show and Sale is a fundraiser for the Guild, and all members benefit whether they sell or not, thus it is hoped that everyone will participate. Working the day of the sale is required for anyone selling.

Weavers’ Attic:
Who can Sell?

  1. Current Members of HWOTV
  2. Estate items of former members
  3. Items donated to the guild for the Sale for the benefit of the Guild.
  4. Estate items and any exceptions to the above need to be cleared with the Show and Sale Chairpersons BEFORE the Show and Sale days – preferably by the September meeting.

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